IBS and weight loss: how to diet without triggering symptoms


Losing weight while suffering from IBS can be a challenge. Many healthy foods usually encouraged for weight loss can trigger IBS symptoms. But there are also lots of diet tactics for managing IBS that are also appropriate for weight loss. It doesn’t need to be complicated, the main message is to focus positively on what …

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Is it actually healthy to follow the low FODMAP diet long term?


We know that the majority of IBS sufferers will experience symptom relief when following the low FODMAP diet. Finally attaining symptom relief after many years of experiencing the pain and inconvenience of IBS flares can make IBS sufferers reluctant to re-introduce foods that have been eliminated. This is understandable. Eliminating pain, bloating, urgency, diarrhoea and …

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5 ways to increase variety and enjoyment on the low FODMAP diet


5 ways to increase variety and enjoyment on the low FODMAP diet Article written by Helen Phadnis, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach at The Bespoke Nutrition Coach   Once you’ve received a reliable diagnosis of IBS, one of the most common and effective treatments will be to follow a low FODMAP diet. This has been …

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