Founder – Sonia Fox

I was diagnosed with IBS in 2014. My symptoms were that not only was my digestive system totally upside down I was suffering back pain, headaches, and severe stomach cramps. I felt it was totally uncontrollable and I was determined to do something about it!

My research led me to the Low FODMAP diet. I started the illumination diet by cutting out all dairy, wheat and processed foods that contained sulphites.

The reintroduction was the hardest part, finding out which foods my stomach could tolerate. I am still finding out now.

I initially found that the low FODMAP diet was so complex, but I persevered, and I believe that anyone can eventually find out how the diet works best for them.

One thing is certain, by eating Low FODMAP foods, my suffering is now manageable and the discomfort I previously experienced is to a large degree a thing of the past.

I know what it’s like to live with gut issues and how hard it can be to find low FODMAP food products that make delicious food – that’s why Slightly Different Foods was born.  

Our Promise


We are a small family business and we make a range of Award Winning gut and IBS friendly Store Cupboard Foods to help you make fresh to fantastic weekday meals in minutes.  Every product is guaranteed to be 100% tasty, packed with natural nutrition and made to our own family friendly recipes that everyone will enjoy even if they don’t have IBS. 

All of our recipes have been created by Sonia, a health conscious home cook who loves real, flavour packed food but has to follow a low FODMAP diet out of necessity rather than choice. We fully appreciate what it’s actually like to try and adjust.

We deliver ‘Award Winning’ high quality tasty food products with a clean deck of ingredients with no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colouring, lower in sugar and salt than variants, free from animal-based ingredients, Gluten Free certified, we exclude all 14 of the major allergens in all our ingredients. This enables customers to buy products that they could not consume before due to certain added ingredients.

An Innovative Solution


We are super proud to be fully certified 100% FODMAP Friendly and free of all 14 major allergens including gluten and dairy, not to mention being 100% natural and nutritious. That said, we never compromise on deliciousness.

So whilst we remove trigger ingredients from all of our recipes to make them safe to eat, every ingredient we swap out, we replace with an equally tasty IBS friendly version. That’s the secret behind all our awards. 

We want everyone with gut and IBS challenges to feel free again and feel like they have hit the jackpot when they discover our food. 

Slightly Different Foods sees the demand and explosion in the vegan consumer market, the increased focus on gluten and allergen free products, the issues facing individuals suffering from IBS and certain other food intolerances and we can satisfy all of these and more!


Hi, I’m Sonia, I am so thrilled that I have finally found where my passion lies.

Being the founder of Slightly Different Foods didn’t happen overnight and I truly believe that where I am today didn’t start when I was told I was an IBS sufferer, it started when I was 16 when I worked part time in a café as a counter assistant and waitress. I love being around people and the freedom to grow was endless within sales, catering, and the hospitality sector.

Now having over 30 years’ experience working within these sectors I am totally in my element and love that fact that my job here with Slightly Different is helping others during a frustrating and challenging time coping with IBS.

All my knowledge and skills are self-taught through online courses or from life experience. I am skilled in Production Management, Sales, Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Manufacturing, Food Standards Allergy Training, Improvisation, TV, and Film.

Previously operating as a Sole Trader from a rented kitchen, I implemented a full HACCP management system to maintain food safety and hygiene following Food Standards guidelines which was monitored by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and resulted in me receiving funding to help move the business forward.

After meeting my husband, Simon we decided to re-launch Slightly Different Foods as a Ltd company bringing my husband’s skills onboard which has given our business the solid foundations moving forward.

I am the creator of each of the products that we produce, and I am determined to offer our customers tasty and healthy products that appeal to a wide audience, particularly individuals that suffer from gut health issues and IBS symptoms.


Simon Fox

Over the past 25 years I have operated as a business owner, managing partner, managing director and consultant within the wealth management industry advising individual and businesses on various aspects relating to their financial wellbeing. I understand the issues relating to risk versus reward in any business opportunity and have applied this to my own investment decisions when backing start up businesses.

I decided to get involved in the food industry because I feel that the current explosion in the growth of the Vegan and Food Intolerance market has huge potential within the UK, Europe and worldwide and Slightly Different Foods is perfectly positioned to provide a solution and fulfil a need within these markets. In addition, my wife Sonia has an incredible talent for producing tasty and healthy products that exactly match our Mission!

I firmly believe that our Mission to create healthy food products that improve gut health and IBS symptoms is needed not just in the UK, but worldwide and as such my day to day role within the business is mainly liaising with potential distributors worldwide that also believe in our Mission and wish to offer our products to their consumers.


Hi, I’m Helen! I’m a mother of two who loves running, swimming in the sea locally in Hove whatever the time of year, and rustling up a storm in the kitchen. I also absolutely love my job as a Registered Dietitian, where I use the power of nutrition on a daily basis to:

– help those with IBS become symptom free,

– enable clients to lose weight in a sustainable way,

– and support athletes in optimising their nutrition around training to boost performance and prevent injury.

How did I get here? As a ‘skinny kid’ who loved sport I found people often commented on my ability to eat and stay slim! I became fascinated in nutrition and the human body and went on to study Biomedical Science and then Dietetics to Masters level at university. This naturally led to a career within hospital dietetics in the NHS, where I expanded my nutrition and medical knowledge and helped patients on a daily basis – what a great job. However, it did have its frustrations in terms of the amount of time and resources available to provide an effective service. I knew I could offer people more.

I decided to have a break from the NHS and moved to Hamilton, New Zealand for a year, and shortly after Adelaide, Australia for one year also. During this time, I started up in private practice and studied the areas I saw that were common within the clients that came to see me. Needless to say, since leaving the NHS I have not looked back. I’ve gained additional qualifications in Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Genomics (DNA testing), and FODMAP diet modification for IBS. I’ve set up a thriving nutrition coaching practice where clients benefit from longer appointment times and ongoing coaching for better support and accountability – leading to better results. I have co-authored the book “The Dirty Diet” with the successful writer Kate Harrison, of 5:2 diet fame. I consult for Bluecrest nutrition screening company, and am also the sports nutrition tutor for Brighton University’s Sports Scholars, and Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme.


Sue Todd – Food, Drink & Hospitality Photographer.

Hi, I’m Sue, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world because I get to combine the two things I love; photography and food, into my role as a specialist food & drink photographer.

I’m based up in Northumberland, in a tiny village, my studio is about 20 minutes away, though I have some facilities for shooting at home including a pretty garden, which gets regularly used. I work either in my fully equipped studio complete with kitchen space or on site with clients as needed. Producing everything from shooting on site with clients to shooting pack shots, action shots, lifestyle shots and cooking/shooting. I love coming up with ideas and trying new/different techniques.
I worked in catering many years ago, and have run two kitchens, so a natural extension to food photography was obviously creating recipes for clients and/or cooking up their recipes to shoot. I’ve worked with many food producers over the years, and I’ve produced photography for the Bootcamp Kitchen Cookery Book produced by Northern Bootcamp, full of healthy eating ideas.
One of my boys had huge allergy issues with food as a child at a time when it was little understood. I was thought to be coeliac but I actually have IBS. I’ve struggled with finding gluten free foods and then fodmap friendly foods too. Getting to grips with understanding it all took longer again.
Getting to know Simon and Sonia was a revelation in the fodmap arena, and I was delighted when they asked me to work with them. It’s a great pleasure working with them, cooking up and shooting/videoing Sonia’s recipes and discussing ideas and storyboards as we go along.
I also coach people in photography and am launching the Food Photography Coach in 2022.
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