Save or Earn – Create a recipe & Video for our YouTube Channel




Would you like your recipe creation shown on our website?

We have set up a video page on YouTube especially for our subscribers, customers and social media followers so that we can share your recipe creations using our products to give others new cooking ideas.

All you have to do is film while you’re cooking and email the footage to us. 

It can be short clips or one whole clip along with a few images of the finished product  with the recipe and cooking instructions.

Once we receive it we will edit it, (if it is needed as you might be a pro at this already!).

Your recipe will be approved by a trained dietitian, (slight adjustments might be needed to verify the recipe as low fodmap).

We will share your finished video on YouTube, across our social media sites, and your recipe will be listed in the recipes section of our website.

To reward you for your innovation and hard work we will send you a goody box packed with a variety of our products.

Alternately, earn cash & create the finished recipe & video ready for uploading to YouTube.

Please contact us below for further details! 

Terms & conditions: 

So that we can share your photos and recipes publicly, we will ask you to sign a basic form which allows us to use anything you send to us.

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