Sweet Chilli Sauce


 Sweet tasting, with a hint of garlic infused oil, great for adding to dishes or as a heated dipping sauce.  

Tropical Curry Sauce


 A sweet curry with pineapple, banana, coconut milk and spices. Mild heat, great with chicken or vegetables. Perfect for those who like sweet curries. 

Medium Chilli Sauce


 A chilli sauce, medium hot, great for anyone seeking that chilli kick without the heat being overwhelming.  

Bolognese Sauce


A rich tomato and herb sauce, full of natural flavours. Perfect for pasta or can be used as a pizza topping base.

Red Pepper & Chilli Sauce


A medium spiced sauce enriched with red peppers. Perfect for those seeking a kick of chilli with a twist.

Fruity Curry Sauce


A fruity tikka masala style sauce, extremely versatile and great for anyone seeking an authentic curry taste.

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Nutritional Information


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are your products suitable for me if I am following a Low FODMAP diet ?

A: Our sauces have been submitted for independent laboratory testing and have been certified as FODMAP Friendly, so Yes, however our recipes follow the recommended food allowance based on research conducted by Monash University. Therefore our individual recipes are not certified.

Q: What is the shelf life on your sauces once opened ?

A: Once opened use, keep in the fridge and see product label.

Q: Do you use onion or garlic in your sauces ?

A: No, we do not use onion but we use garlic infused oil in some of our sauces. This is acceptable if you are following a Low FODMAP diet.