Chocolate Orange Sensation

Perfect to satisfy cravings with Orange that is high in dietary fibre and essential for digestive function and helps blood sugar levels stable, potassium from the banana & antioxidants from the cacao nibs & calcium from the chai seeds.


75g Orange segments

30g Cacao nibs or 100% dark chocolate, (check ingredients for soya and milk)

300ml Lacto free milk, (vegan alternative use almond milk)

100g Coconut yogurt, (check ingredients for soya)

2 Ice cubes

1g Ginger, (check ingredients for garlic or onion)

50g Banana

5g Chai seeds, (check packaging for allergen information)


Mix all the ingredients into a blender until smooth

Pour into a glass

  This recipe has been reviewed and approved by  Everyday Nutrition Founder and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Joanna Baker.  

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