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I was diagnosed with IBS in 2014. My symptoms were that not only was my digestive system totally upside down I was suffering back pain, headaches, and severe stomach cramps. I felt it was totally uncontrollable and I was determined to do something about it!

My research led me to the Low FODMAP diet. I started the illumination diet by cutting out all dairy, wheat and processed foods that contained sulphites.

The reintroduction was the hardest part, finding out which foods my stomach could tolerate. I am still finding out now.

I initially found that the low FODMAP diet was so complex, but I persevered, and I believe that anyone can eventually find out how the diet works best for them.

One thing is certain, by eating Low FODMAP foods, my suffering is now manageable and the discomfort I previously experienced is to a large degree a thing of the past.

I know what it’s like to live with gut issues and how hard it can be to find low FODMAP food products that make delicious food – that’s why Slightly Different Foods was born.  

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