Nutrition Coach – Diet, IBS, Weight Management or Sporting Gains

If you would like to work 1:1 with me to optimise your diet, be it for IBS, weight management or sporting gains please book in for a free 15min discovery call, or visit my website to find out more. Appointments are available both remote and in person.  


Helen Phadnis

Helen Phadnis Registered Dietitian The Bespoken Nutrition Coach
Helen Phadnis Registered Dietitian The Bespoken Nutrition Coach

  As a Registered Dietitian, where I use the power of nutrition on a daily basis to:

– help those with IBS become symptom free, 

– enable clients to lose weight in a sustainable way, 

– and support athletes in optimising their nutrition around training to boost performance and prevent injury. 

How did I get here? As a ‘skinny kid’ who loved sport I found people often commented on my ability to eat and stay slim! I became fascinated in nutrition and the human body and went on to study Biomedical Science and then Dietetics to Masters level at university. 

This naturally led to a career within hospital dietetics in the NHS, where I expanded my nutrition and medical knowledge and helped patients on a daily basis – what a great job. However, it did have its frustrations in terms of the amount of time and resources available to provide an effective service. I knew I could offer people more.   

I hope that my work with Slightly Different will get important scientifically backed messages out there for IBS sufferers. With such a multifaceted condition it’s imperative that a systematic and scientific approach is taken to manage it, to help you take control, and to start living your life again. 

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